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June 17, 2007

i was going through some old emails, and thought perhaps a blast from the past was in order.


september 2003: an email to sister rebecca during my surgery rotation

i have like 5 minutes before i have to run to clinic (yay no OR today!!) but wanted to say hi and that i’m goign to call you as soon as i have a night relatively free wheni don’t feel like i need to pass out as soon as i go home. i still hate this rotation but it’s a little better. today i “overslept”, waking up at 5:04 instead of 4:00. how crazy is it that 5:00 am can be oversleepign? anyway, yeah! please send me an update on how you’re doing – even if i dno’t have time tow rite that much i still want to know!!

when do ou find out about fulbright stuff, anyway? how is class? how is living with girls instead of boys? how is EVERYTHING? comeo n you know ky ou want to write me a juicy email to make my day. ok gotta go! i have pediatric neurosurgery clinic today. that is going to be fun. i love babies. i thik i want to do something pediatric. well we’ll see.

love you


several weeks later . . .: me to the ‘rents

guess what happened – last night i get a call from josh as i was leaving the VA at 7:30 PM – he was in the ER! turns out he had broken his fibula playing soccer :(. so now he is bedridden (he will be able to use crutches in 2 days and has to keep a cast on 6-8 weeks!!!) and i have no time to take care of him properly, and it just sucks a lot. get well cards and food items may be sent to [our address] where a very stressed out med student and her invalid boyfriend are currrently attempting to reside without going crazy.

ANYWAY back to rounding and all that jazz.


a little burned out in ’04: me to vickie

i’m on call for peds and i’m still here waiting for my resident so that i can hopefully leave this horrible place.

ps: i have no idea what to do with these babies. my stethescope covers like their whole body. fuck.


still partially true! only scarier.

note: typos left in for authenticity, and because i’m lazy.

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