well, it’s official

June 21, 2007

i passed step 2 CS! so i guess i really will be starting residency for real in just a week. meaning: as of this time on thursday, june 28th, i will be finishing my first day in the community hospital NICU.

i am excited, scared (very), and more excited. i am ready. i think.

summary of the last few days:
• meeting and getting to know my co-intern colleagues, who seem like really nice, fun and caring people (though to be honest, if they weren’t, i wouldn’t say so, since anyone can find this blog by googling my name. but i do mean it).
• retiring from kaplan!! (and they didn’t even throw me a party! ingrates.)
• saying a sad goodbye to two of our really good friends who are moving from durham to an even hotter southeastern city. i will really miss our fun nights spent together enjoying great wine, gourmet food (whether restaurant or home-crafted with inspiration from cook’s illustrated) and often-hilarious conversation.
• coming to the realization that it is ACTUALLY time to start, and that i actually want to

also, i got business cards today. they are so incredibly official looking. definitely the highlight of my week.


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