on the hottest day of 2007 . . .

August 10, 2007

i am surprisingly happy with residency so far. yes, it’s hard. 30-hour ‘days’ totally SUCK. not everyone is nice, although most are (i’m in pediatrics, after all). but in general, i don’t mind going to work each day. i’m never bored. i even sort of like the challenge of triageing and attempting to stay organized during a busy call night. and amazingly, i feel like my head is above water. i don’t feel COMLETELY incompetent. or completely fatigued. i am still running (half marathon training, even). i am still cooking. i still see my husband, sometimes.

i haven’t watched tv for weeks, though. and 9:30 pm is actually past my bedtime. so there are some sacrifices. but i’m lame anyway, so it’s cool.

good night!


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