September 23, 2007

well, i guess being exposed to 8,325 slobbering, sneezing, and snotting children over the past 4 weeks has its downside: i am sick. the ‘my head is so full of fluid i might explode!’-kind of sick. i even stood in line at the pharmacy and endured getting carded in order to score some precious pseudoephedrine. and then i made some meth to make myself feel better. suckas!!

ok, not really. but i was able to breathe through at least one nostril, which was probably a similar high given the circumstances.

tomorrow i move on to my first true ‘elective’ rotation: Infectious Disease (ha, i know, i am one. yay.). all i know about it so far is that they really want me to read a lot of articles, and that i am probably going to get pimped a lot.

i had a surprisingly productive weekend despite (or maybe because of) my viral infestation. it’s amazing what i can get done when i don’t do long runs or have any semblance of social life. i did laundry, cleaned bathrooms, and even made muffins. nice and homey, though i missed my weekly endorphin rush. at least i have the pseudoephedrine.

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