an alien landscape

November 24, 2007

the NICU is crazy. seriously. we throw parties when the babies reach the 1-kilo mark. these kiddies are SMALL. and wrinkly, helpless, delicate, and kind of ugly. in general, i have no idea what i’m doing, and that doesn’t feel so good. i’ve never done an ICU rotation before, mostly because i figured (and rightly so, i think) that i would hate it. i’ve also never taken care of anything this little. these babies make my community-hospital NICU babies look like amazons, and regular babies look utterly ridiculous.
although i do happen to have one giant baby (10 lb infant-of-a-very-diabetic-mother) on my service because our midlevel nursery was full and the kid had hypoglycemia and needed IV fluids. i wish i could take a picture of her next to my 700-grammer. that would be awesome. anyway, i’m hoping to feel less clueless and more rested next week. we’ll see . . .

so my announcement isn’t that exciting, but here it is — i’ve decided to train for another marathon in march (#4). i honestly miss the 20-mile sundays (somehow). i also figure that it isn’t that much more of a time commitment than a half marathon, and i didn’t have TOO much trouble fitting that in. having a goal like a big race really does keep me going, and i’m sad that it’s been more than a year and a half since my last one! i don’t have any huge time aspirations, but my goals are just to be consistent with my training and then run a smart race that is strong all the way to the end.

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