eyes on the prize

November 4, 2007

i feel like i’ve fallen into a black hole these past 2 weeks. who up and moves 2 days before starting an 80 hr/week inpatient heme/onc rotation? we do, apparently. our new apartment is now in livable-status (we finally got a microwave yesterday!), but our house is far from being in sellable-status, which is kind of stressing me out on a daily basis whenever i am not stressing out about patients with platelets of 19 and 4 (YES, FOUR!) different bugs/fungi growing out of their still-in-place central line.

i have no social life, which is because

a) i work 80 hrs/week (81.5 this week, actually)
b) josh works something like 9,000 hrs/week
c) i like actually seeing him when i can
d) but usually one of us is too tired to do anything social when we are actually able to be together.

i have, however, caught up with grey’s anatomy, desparate housewives, and almost with top model. we have no cable at our new place, but the abc.com free streams are actually very good now, AND allow for shopping while watching trash. (top model i had to download, but i just couldn’t bear being left out of the action.)

anyway, i’m writing from work right now. i am sure i will be paged any second, so, um, bye. oh, and the prize is that next weekend i am off sunday and i get to go to the outer banks with actual FRIENDS and run a half marathon in the actual OUTDOORS. if it rains i am going to be mad.

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  • Reply doctorsquared March 10, 2019 at 7:32 pm

    Physics 2 blows. It is way too much information for that time period, and I have found that they are SO overwhelmed after Physics 2 that they come totally UNPREPARED for Gen Chem 2, which just makes me really cranky. I cannot wait to be done with this teaching nonsense!

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