December 23, 2007

apparently there were 501 posts on this blog before this one. amazing, considering how many i’ve managed to pump out in the last few months (like, 8 or something). obviously, i can’t stop writing NOW. if i were going to quit, the time was at #500, and now that’s already passed and i’m going to have to write at least 498 posts to end at a round 1000.

and maybe they’ll all be this boring!

anyway, nothing is new. everything is actually very OLD. i’m so tired of the NICU, this box in which i’ve spent the last 6 weeks. the last 2 or so, i’ve become very whiny, very cynical, and probably very annoying. i will admit that i did become pretty attached to my patients, but that even that doesn’t make me want to stay here another second longer than i have to.

i got josh Rock Band for his birthday. we actually didn’t get to track it down until yesterday (the playstation 2 versions are scarce!) but we made up for lost time last night. i am all over the vocals but i have to say the guitar is pretty fun, too.

other than that, life has been dull and i’m really in need of a vacation with a lot of sleep and pampering. the monotony of up-at-4:30, work-until-6, run, and then sleep (but not enough) is really getting to me. josh is on night float and we had to spend pretty much the entire week last week apart, and that sucks.

but at least i managed to post and break the long silence. more later. i cannot let a year pass without writing resolutions about flossing that i’m inevitably going to break. it just wouldn’t be right.

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