February 13, 2008

it’s a wednesday and i’m off from work. i feel like a slacker: after all, i will likely only get in about 76 hours of work this week!

seriously, we are so skewed in this residency world. i gave josh a minor talking-to yesterday* (not really, but sort of) about expressing his appreciation for the fact that i do a lot of housewife-esque things around the house for him, such as the shopping, the cooking, and the laundry. it all started when i complained about having to empty the dishwasher post-call, and his response was that my hours are ‘better’ than his (they are lower, it’s true, although he doesn’t have the overnights right now). after all, i find time to run and blog and train for marathons! therefore, i can’t be that overworked or sleep deprived . . . right?

except while the demands of his job are just over-the-top ridiculous (to me), i am pretty sure that a 76-hour work week still does not qualify as easy street, or even normal. it makes no sense that i am feeling guilty and lazy for missing a full day of work and whatever is going on with all of my patients. and yet . . .

on another note (or perhaps related?), i went to the doctor today because i haven’t been in forever and had a blood pressure reading of 130s/high 80s for the second time in a row. this upsets me.

* which ended well with him agreeing that i am indeed the goddess of this household deserving of MUCH appreciation, because without me he would be living amongst piles of dirty dishes and empty takeout boxes, wearing really dirty clothes, and feeling very sad and alone


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