March 15, 2008

do i really want to join a gym called ‘ladies fitness and wellness’? actually, i think i might. i’ve never belonged to a women-only gym before, but it seems like it would be great not to share equipment with ginormous sweaty men. i have decided that i am going to pursue a more balanced approach to fitness for a while — less running (well, none, for now) and more cross-training, weights, and yoga.

i have a weeklong trial membership, so that will give me a chance to fully test out the facility before committing.


• it’s in a good location
• has treadmills with NO time limit (most essential!)
• it has really nice facilities and feels luxurious (i think this is nice — since a gym is somewhere that i go many days of the week, it is a bonus if it is a pleasant environment)
• it offers a variety of classes (yoga, spinning, even nia, which i think sounds kind of cool)
• no y-chromosomes allowed


• i don’t know how crowded it will be on a weekday yet
• it is more expensive than my old gym ($40/month instead of $25)
• opens at 6 am so really no chance of before-work workouts

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