the top five least shining moments of my childhood

March 15, 2008

(because i think i’ve done enough whining about this marathon)

5) getting my desk dumped out in the hall in 2nd grade due to messiness
2nd grade. completely traumatizing.

4) being sent to the principal’s office after being caught writing an extremely mean note about another 6th grade student.
YES, THE PRINCIPAL! and no, she was not your pal

3) getting in trouble for randomly scratching the keys of our piano with a paper clip. why? to this day, i have no idea.

2) selling about 100 candy bars at ‘discounted prices’ to any boys i had crushes on and only realizing at the end that this meant that i owed money which i did not have

1) caught in an elaborate lie about a teacher (mr. pine, the crazy math professor who threw worksheets at the students in the form of paper airplanes!) who did not actually exist (except in my mind) after my parents inquired about him at parent-teacher night.