they should call them strongends

April 28, 2008

i am very satisfied with the weekend that i just had. this is probably because i did not spend it:

• alone (josh was off too!)
• sick
• working
• sleep deprived from post-call-ness

a rare treat and i have to say i enjoyed it. i feel like i did a lot of different things, AND I feel ready to start the week (meaning: the laundry is done, the house is presentable, and dinners have been planned out and shopped for).

and i feel like i crammed a lot in 2 days. including:

• a 75-minute session with a personal trainer on saturday! i purchased as a package deal when i joined my new gym to help me revamp my weight routine. it was great and i am still sooooooooooore. which i like. that’s how i can tell it’s working, right?
• a 45 minute elliptical session today, as well as a short (1 mile warmup) run yesterday with no hip pain! progress? maybe?
• um, i’ll put my culinary highlight here, because food goes IN the body, right? i made these tonight — and they were fabulous.

lars and the real girl at my sister’s, which was fantastic and sort of deep and interesting
• perfect sunday matinee: forgetting sarah marshall
• tackling some peds PREP questions and keeping my average over the 50%-correct mark . . . meaning that someday i’ll only kill half the patients? heh . . .

• a really fun dinner with josh’s work friend and his wife. it was a successful ‘couples date’, and a blind one for me to boot. plus, it was warm enough to eat outside, and there was lots of good wine.
• inaugural dinner party at my sister’s new apartment. excellent cuisine and again . . . good wine.
• getting to spend the WHOLE WEEKEND with josh. i wish we had more of these!

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