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May 17, 2008

although it might not seem like it to people outside of the hospital. no, actually, life is not that bad, but i’ve sort of lost my mojo to do anything other than work, run, eat, and wait for intern yeat to come to a close. maybe that *is* bad. but at least i can see the end. i can’t quite reach it, but i can make it out on the horizon.

i’m being overdramatic, though (shocking!). for one, it’s not THAT bad. second, it’s not like PGY2 is the Promise Land. i do have a lovely elective in july, but then i have to dive head first into the dreaded PICU, which i envision as a pit filled with snakes who happen to be skilled in hemodynamics and cardiac surgery.

anyway. i’m on call today. and i actually have NOTHING to do for the moment. we will see how long this lasts . . .

i will just to have to keep thinking about my birthday in 3 days, which i have OFF.
in order to get me through my day, i think a little obsessive fantasizing is in order:

my planned day:
9:00 hopefully be awake. but no alarm, def.
9:30 leisurely breakfast at home most likely
10:30 gym for pain-free run and some weights
12:15 MASSAGE!!!!
1:30 pedicure
3:00 mall for some browsing and maybe a li’l bday shopping
7:00 dinner out probably at bonne soiree: “Serving a menu of inventive, classically grounded French cuisine in an intimate jewel box of a dining room tucked into the back corner of The Courtyard, Bonne Soirée is indeed a gem. Chef/proprietor Chip Smith’s seasonally evolving menu dazzles time and again with the likes of flounder à la meunière, quail stuffed with chestnuts and paté, and a lamb duo of braised shoulder and grilled chop.” awesome, i can celebrate with some quail or something. and some champagne.

YEAH. no matter how loudly the pager blares, i will have this to think about. i am giving myself permission to live in the future (and not, you know, the moment), JUST this once.

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