eat, pray, love

June 23, 2008

i finished eat, pray, love tonight. and i really liked it! i now want to romp through italy, meditate in an ashram, and love-it-up in bali like she did. although i think i could do a decent job of doing it all locally. maybe eat fabulously and live luxuriously in chapel hill, reflect in yogic poses in carrboro, and then find balance in downtown durham? hmm.

all in all, i had a lovely restorative weekend. i got lots of sleep, met some new friends (kath and jessica), had some good gym time, ate good food, caught up on the major things, and spent a luxurious amount of time on my couch reading. i have learned to make the most of the weekends i have off when josh is on call. as sad as it is, it is a reality with our jobs that not 100% of our time off will overlap, and i think i’ve gotten better at making the best of it.

intern year countdown: 3 more days! HOLLA!