17 lbs of luv

July 21, 2008

i think i am finally recovered from the stress-hormone storm that overwhelmed my bloodstream for the last 2 days. i actually think that it was warranted and not just me being a pansy. if i am lucky, i won’t have to go back to the community hospital until i am done with my second NICU month and have some more procedures under my belt. the big difference is that in the NICU, there is so much backup: highly experienced nurses, respiratory therapists, and fellows that can come running in at a moment’s notice. sometimes it is actually too much, because it would impede my learning if i were to just sit back and let everyone else run the show — but it is a much safer way to get experience. and as a senior, i think i will be more aggressive about being in charge.

i do have a presentation to give this morning, so i’m not quite on easy street, but compared to all of my visions of babies expiring before my eyes, i’m not really very nervous. i don’t get much anxiety from talking in front of a group — i think all the work i did at kaplan helped me get very used to this! plus, i like talking about things i understand, like hypoglycemia. compared to pretending to be an expert in organic chemistry when in reality i don’t know a ketone from an aldehyde, this will be cake.

17 lb baby born in brazil in 2005 next to a normal-sized baby who is making an appropriate expression of awe:
i threw this photo into my presentation as an example of a baby at high risk for transient neonatal hyperinsulinism. and because it is awesome. i like to use a lot of pictures (even if they are slightly irrelevant) to keep everyone awake, as not everyone is going to find the pathway of insulin secretion as riveting as i do.



run: so i didn’t — i napped instead. for THREE HOURS, and it really was not the right decision, because i ended up with a nap hangover and horrendous sleep last night. but it was good while it was happening. someday, i’ll learn.

learning: plenty of time spent polishing powerpoint slides and reading for my presentation today.

cuisine: another total cop-out meal, but one that i love: simple eggs, toast, and mixed vegetables. my mom used to make this for us at times when either my father was away on business or when she had a headache/wasn’t feeling 100%. i definitely met those criteria last night, and this hit the spot. and yes, that IS one of my favorite drinking glasses!

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