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July 24, 2008

yesterday was a much better day, and i attribute it at least in part to a conscious effort on my part to slow down. my morning general pediatrics clinic was great — 6 of my 7 scheduled showed up, and there was a good mix of healthy kids and kids with issues — mainly behavioral stuff. in some ways without a child of my own, i feel unqualified to address some of these problems with ‘textbook’ solutions, but i guess on the plus side i’m learning lots of parenting techniques to try for the future!

i did have one ‘by the way’ case of fainting. a ‘by the way’ case is something potentially alarming that the mom or kid pipes up with on their way out the door. even after spending 45 minutes in a room, it no longer surprises me when i hear:

• “oh, and i forgot to mention — little johnny has been having chest pain. usually during gym class. i didn’t think it was any big deal, but i just remembered.”
• “katie, put your shoes on before i smack you across the room!”
• “by the way — i think little jenny had unprotected sex (even though she denied it when you talked to her) and i want her tested for every STD under the sun”
• etc.

of course, these names have been changed, as none of today’s children have names like johnny, katie, or jenny anymore. but that’s another discussion for another day.

depending on what friday brings, today may be my last real day of work before vacation! i have to be honest and say that after this month, i don’t really feel like i need one, but it will be lovely anyway. i do have a lot of rest to bank up before i start an upcoming 8 week stretch with every-fourth-night call. but i’ll try not to obsess over that!


run: 5.2 mile interval run: 10 minute warmup, then 5 x (3 minutes @ 7:30/mi, 2 minutes jog recovery), then 10 minute cooldown. i ran in the morning yesterday and i’m doing it again today — i loved feeling all fuzzy and endorphin-y all morning, plus it was nice to come home after clinic in the afternoon and just be done.

reading: argh — meeting this goal is harder than i thought! i did not read outside of clinic yesterday. today however i plan to spend a solid half hour reading about bronchopulmonary dysplasia.

cooking: next in my ‘no recipe required’ series is another extremely low-effort meal: an indian-inspired plate of goodness. all i did was dump out a can of jyoti delhi saag, which is spinach and mustard greens. in addition, i made something josh and i discovered a few years ago which is just chick peas, patak’s brinjal eggplant relish, and yogurt. on the side is some naan which just needs to be baked from the freezer, and a very non-indian beer. despite the ethnic disparity, i think indian goes so well with beer. mmm.

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