asheville: a mockumentary

July 29, 2008

driving: note intense look of concentration. although admittedly, driving 98% of the way on one road made it pretty easy to avoid getting lost. josh and split the trip 50/50 and it only took 3.5 hours.

arrival!: check out our view!

we had dinner at a rather famous place called salsa’s. it had been recommended by many cuisine-savvy friends of ours, but we worried a bit because there was quite a debate on as to whether it had gone downhill. i’m glad we listened to everyone we knew, because i thought it was GREAT! i had a ‘perfect margarita’ (which was garnished with a cactus plant leave and banana slice), some chips ‘n’ guac, and the most amazing seared tuna creation EVER — something called a ‘paqueta’, which meant the tuna was stuffed in a grilled tortilla pocket with goat cheese/honey/herb sauce. there were also many delicious salads on the plate. josh had a pumpkin empanada (and half of my entree) and we left STUFFED. in retrospect, carboloading as probably a good move . . .

because today, we climbed mount mitchell (which climbs 3600 feet to an elevation of 6684′ over 5.6 miles). now, this actually wasn’t the first time: we first ascended the peak on our med school orientation campout, and it wasn’t easy then, for us or for anyone (read: several out-of-shape premeds nearly died, i think). but i figured that since now long runs are pretty routine for me, that this hike would be easier.

it was beautiful . . .

but it was still most difficult:

meaning, very, very hard. and long. also steep, rocky, rooty, sweaty, buggy, and humid. we did make it to the top (in 2.5 hours) but there was NO WAY i was navigating back down again. just like our first hike, we hitched a ride down the mountain with some fellow travelers. they didn’t take us all the way, though, and we had to hoof it on an uncertainly-marked dirt road that was completely deserted. while josh had confidence we were going the right way, i was unconvinced.

so: i was elated to see our car at the end. (he was right, by the way).

and now: it’s naptime, and we will reward our strenuous efforts with dinner at cucina 24 which was recommended by the amazing food-blogger kath, so i know it will be good.

ciao for now!



workout: 45 minutes elliptical and 25 minutes full-body weights before we left on our trip.

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  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    If this wasn’t the first time you’ve climbed mount mitchell, then how can this be your first trip to Asheville, as mentioned in your last entry?!
    –A loyal follower

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