i guess it’s better than ‘apple’

July 13, 2008

KNOX? angelina and brad named their baby boy knox? okay, then. and a big thank you to perez hilton for bringing me fresh brangelina news so bright and early on sunday morning. i do have to admit that i like the name ‘vivienne’ that they chose for the girl twin.

their complete clan (and yes this is from memory)

(hmm, i guess if you are a male jolie-pitt your name has to end with an x.)

how come i know that but can’t get kidney diseases or genetic syndromes straight to save my life? unfair.

on an unrelated note, josh and i had a great date night last night. i definitely recommend seeing outsourced — it was really enjoyable. it had interesting commentary on global economy, a colorful depiction (although admittedly, very idealized) of india, and a sweet love story. we ended up going to dinner not at the place i had picked out (it was closed for renovation) but at shabashabu. i had seaweed salad and sushi which was pretty and fresh-tasting. i can never fit whole pieces of sushi in my mouth, though, without making a mess. i need
miniaturized sushi rolls or something. or a bigger mouth (ha).



workout: 5 miles easy + 30 minutes full-body weights

reading: none! but i’ll get back on it today.

cooking: I did make a pretty rockin’ smoothie: low fat plain yogurt + frozen banana chunks + frozen mango chunks + a little maple syrup + splash milk = airy and creamy summer drink. it was perfect post-workout and pre-pool.

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  • Reply Momneedsanap March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    Perez Hilton is good, but I also like Just Jared too. They’re both in the same genre of gossip news.

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