July 12, 2008

this whole weekend thing? i’m getting WAY too used to it. this is my 4th weekend off in a row — unheard of in residency*! i am on backup call**, but i am 3rd in line so it would take a major disaster (food poisoning in the cafeteria, perhaps? or another norovirus outbreak?) to summon me to the NICU, PICU, ER, DRH, nursery, or wards. i know i am going to be paying for this freedom later, but i am really loving it right now.

plans for the day
• gym for an easy run and some weights
• hang out at the pool for a while — the weather calls for 92 degrees and sunny. after a rainy week, i’m ready to get outside
• probably get a few house-type things done (mostly just straighten up a little)
• see outsourced — for some reason josh and i love ‘culture-clash’-type movies. and anything having to do with india. so this should be good.
oishiiLP for dinner — we’ve never been but it is out near where the movie is showing, and looks like it would be fun and tasty

* well, maybe typical in dermatology or radiology residency, but unheard of for pediatrics
** so no booze, but i am otherwise free to do whatever as long as my pager is with me



workout: elliptical, 48 minutes of intervals while watching old top model (that melrose was such a BI-ATCH!)

reading: 40 minutes finishing up july’s peds in review — i learned about acute testicular disorders, and some other stuff. did you know that severe hypothyroidism can actually cause enough pituitary hypertrophy to mimic a macroadenoma? you do now!

dining experience: we went to margaret’s cantina in our home locale of chapel hill. i enjoyed my mushroom/veggie quesadilla but it was one of those places where i felt like i could have made everything i had myself and done just as good a job. plus, i wanted a margarita really badly, but on backup call that’s asking for trouble. My after-dinner TCBY vanilla w/ reese’s pieces was pure awesomeness, though.