strawberry scones forever

July 7, 2008

yesterday i undertook a baking project — inspired by excess time and a need to use it semi-productively. oh, and a total scone-craving. i modified the recipe (used 1/2 whole wheat flour, less butter, and made each one smaller) in the foster’s market cookbook to make it slighly less heart-attack inducing, but still a treat. foster’s market is actually a local establishment around here and randomly, one of the perks of being on your heme/onc rotation is that the attendings tend to bring in foster’s scones to appease the residents who cover their service for the weekend. this rules, and actually makes having to come in to cover their usually mammoth-sized team sort of worth it. i haven’t been on heme/onc since february, so maybe that’s why my heart was crying out for some scones.


despite my baking excitement, i’m feeling slightly regretful that i didn’t go out of town or do anything truly exciting this weekend. it was restful and calm and don’t get me wrong — i still enjoyed it! but i’m pretty quite rested by this point anyway so it wasn’t like i was desperate for 3 more days of relaxation. next time, especially if josh is on call, i will make some more plans, or maybe go somewhere (boston? maine? charlottesville?). 3 day weekends don’t come along very often in residency (even though they seem to lately) so i want to make the most of them!

today is sort of a big day — i have a 1/2-day endocrine clinic (which i am slightly nervous for because i actually care whether they like me/think i’m doing a good job) and then have to cover a ward team (as both intern AND senior, as the intern has clinic — yuck) in the afternoon. hopefully it will be an uneventful kind of afternoon!



workout: 7 miles, 0.5% incline, at 9:01 average pace (bounced around every 10 minutes or so between 8:41/mi, 8:57/mi, 9:05/mi, and 9:13/mi). my base is getting built!

reading: 45 minutes PREP questions for in-service exam on thursday

cooking: i made an awesome dinner of seared scallops over bacon and spinach salad with cider vinaigrette. it was fancy and delicious.

so what is up with this section anyway?: at one point, i had a separate running blog and a cooking blog in addition to this one. this was (duh) unsustainable, but i miss writing about workouts and culinary creations. so i’m just adding those things in regularly to the end of each post. reasons are
• because i like having records of my running progress (for example, by looking at my running blog’s scant postings i can already tell i am still way slower than i was in october ’07 but faster than 2005)
• because i know my mom/sister like the recipe ideas
• because it’s motivating knowing that if i choose to be lazy and not read or study anything, i would have to admit it to the world. i’m sure i’ll stop caring eventually, but for now it works.

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