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July 25, 2008

so as i thought might be the case, i am starting my vacation today! there is absolutely nothing going on in the world of pulmonary elective today (no clinic, no morning meeting, no bronchoscopies), and the fellow is probably already headed to his lake house as i type this. so: i’m free! and today therefore starts a 10 day stretch of vacation. and:


in past vacations, there has been at least a 2 day period of recovery to start with — because usually i’m so tired from whatever rotations i’ve just finished that there is just a crash landing effect, and i go into temporary coma mode. however, this time i’m feeling none of that because i had a generous post-intern year break (3 day weekend) at the end of june, and july’s elective was the easiest month thus far of my residency. don’t get me wrong — i still learned a lot and saw a good amount of patients, but i came in at 8, rarely left after 6 pm and only had to work one weekend out of the month. and for someone used to the bodily abuse of overnight call and routine 12 (or 20) day stretches without days off, this is pretty much pure awesomeness.

given that i’m already pretty rested, i am going to try to be productive today and get all the mundane, loose-ends-type things done now so that they don’t loom over my head throughout the vacation. plus, it will be nice for josh to come home to a clean and organized apartment. (yes, i enjoy playing the role of 1950s housewife at times. seriously, i do.)

the list for today:

• vacuum
• clean bathroom
• laundry
• clean surfaces

• tempo run
• weights — upper body & abs

• drop off recycling & trash
• drop off dry cleaning
• buy extremely essential hair stuff
• return online ill-fitting gap purchases (and maybe look for some on-sale replacements)

nothing too exciting but i am looking forward to having a clean apartment. and tonight i can celebrate at fridays on the front porch at the carolina inn. summery drinks served on a big lawn with bluegrass playing — the fact that i enjoy this means that i have, over the past 6 years, become a real north carolinian. i just have to work on the accent.



reading: ok, it’s official: i ran out of academic steam this week. but overall, i still think i did a decent job, reading up on cystic fibrosis, asthma, and bronchopulmonary dysplasia in pretty good detail over the course of the month, along with some assorted peds in review articles and my hypoglycemia presentation. maybe next elective, i’ll create a more structured schedule so that i have something specific to read about each couple of days. although i’ll be having to throw step 3 studying into the mix at that point!

workout: 5 easy miles before work yesterday. 8:57/mi pace, 0.5% incline along with the end of self magazine.

cuisine: i can’t quite use the word ‘cooking’ for this one! this cop-out dinner is a staple in our household. since i love both efficiency and cheese, approximately once a week josh and i sit down to a frozen pizza baked in the oven, served with something random from the fridge that needs to be used up. for the pizza, i either buy amy’s brand or the 365 whole foods store brand — $3.99 for a pizza is a pretty sweet deal to me. these slices are from a 365-brand spinach & feta pizza, served with some zucchini and squash slices that i grilled on our grill pan with olive oil, salt and pepper. not fancy, but good.

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