and so it begins (again)

September 4, 2008

aaaaaaaaaand i’m on call today! doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that i was taking call for the PICU? it does to me, but that was actually 6 days ago. at least the 6-day stretch was a nice break from the ‘every 4th night’ rhythm that is now starting up again. it is amazing how time seems to go incredibly fast between call shifts, although in some ways the whole PICU month is starting to fade in my mind like a bad dream.

maybe it was one!

just kidding.

so i am thinking that call as a senior will be much nicer than call as an intern. for one, i’m now second in line to get paged. with that said, i know that my intern will (understandably) probably will to go over a lot of the calls with me as this is only her 3rd night on call ever. but still, not getting paged at 3 am for some stat diaper cream (YES, IT HAPPENS!) will be an improvement. secondly, our call structure has changed such that the ward seniors now cover only half of the patients that they used to. there is now a second senior on night float that deals with all the cardiology, hem/onc, and GI admissions, and so i am only working with one of the two pediatrics interns on at night.

i am hoping that the end result will be more manageable patient coverage load, leading to better attention to each patient and more time for thought and academic reading about admissions as well as teaching.

and also . . .

i hope . . .


we’ll see.



workout: i ended up taking the day off. clinic didn’t end until 6:15 pm and all i wanted to do was lie down and relax with owen meany and a glass of wine when i got home, so that’s what i did.

reading: also did not happen — but i still have lots of material for my students today as we didn’t get to go over our case yesterday (since i had to head to clinic!). i am sure there will be plenty of admit-specific learning on call tonight!

cooking: made this super easy lentil, sausage, and spinach stew from (again) sara’s secrets for weeknight meals. it was hearty and VERY low maintenance. i basically dumped everything in a pot and (as above) kicked back and read with some wine while it simmered for 35 minutes. sometimes i wish all cooking was like that! served with some kashi whole grain crackers and the rest of my glass of cab sauv.


  • Reply Cindy March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    my stomach growled when i saw that picture. i’m officially starving now.

  • Reply Claire March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    That change in call coverage will help some, I bet. Our team on call still covers everything unless, of course, it’s going to the PICU.

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