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September 16, 2008

coffee is really quite miraculous, you know. who would have thought of roasting those funny looking beans and turning them into the best mind-altering, performance-enhancing, mood-lifting beverage EVER? certainly not me. i am currently chugging my way through a large mug and hoping that at some point this morning i will actually feel awake. when my alarm went off, i had been dreaming about being on some sort of weird college-esque road trip in the north carolina mountains, and one of the current neurosurgical residents at our hospital was driving our van through windy hilly roads very recklessly. and somehow the TODD guy from scrubs was there, too. dreams are so random!

and so are call days — speaking of which, today is one. number 4/7 for the month, or 11/14 out of my 2-month stretch (um, not like i’m counting!). call is always such a mystery — will it be easy or punishing? i am hoping that after the insanity of our last call night, we are due for fate to smile upon us a little. but who knows — anything could happen. this is the reason that so many doctors are superstitious — these things are just not under our control!

kind of like the van in my dream.




workout: i really didn’t feel like going, but (as usual) i was glad i did. 4 miles easy (9:13/mi, 0.5% incline) and 20 minutes of weights:
– pushups 2 x 12
– crunches 2 x 15
– leg press 90 lbs 2 x 12
– biceps 12 lbs 2 x 12
– tricep kickbacks 5 lbs 2 x 12 each arm
– seated row 40 lbs 2 x 12

cooking: i made herbes de provence lamb chops with orzo. except with couscous instead of orzo, and i added raisins and feta to it as well. i have to admit that after i snapped this picture, i realized that they were not fully cooked and had to stick them back under the broiler for another 5 minutes! after that, they were fantastic. josh said they “tasted like new zealand.” judging from the fact that both of us were gnawing the bones to get every bit of meat at the end, i would assume that was a compliment.

reading: didn’t happen. hopefully i’ll make up for it tonight!

package arrival count: zero! come on, UPS/fed ex/USPS!


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