hominy get it on the plate girl

September 10, 2008

i cannot hear the word ‘hominy’ without finishing up tori amos’s “little amsterdam” lyric in my head. too many of my formative years spent listening to boys for pele, i guess. anyway, i had never had hominy before last night and i will admit i didn’t even really know what it was aside from a weird word in a somewhat weird (and sexy) little song. anyway, the verdict on hominy: it’s good! it added a delicious grainy taste and texture to the new mexican chile verde from this month’s cooking light. my creation:

and the accompaniment (the chips were guiltless gourmet’s chili verde flavor to match)

my only problem with this chili was that the hot new mexican peppers (i used the hatch variety, as whole foods was out of anaheim) burned my hands like crazy. i have learned from past chili episodes that a bleach solution works to get the capsaicin-ridden oils off of skin, but this time it was extra-tenacious and my hands are still feeling raw and abused. next time i will wear gloves — oh the hazards of these culinary adventures!


other than chili-making, all i did post call was eat, run, and sleep (in that order).

run: 7 miles total — 15 minute warmup @ 9:06/mi pace, 5 x 1K at accelerating speeds (7:41/mi, 7:35/mi, 7:30/mi, 7:25/mi, and 7:17/mi) with 0.25 miles recovery running between each, plus 10 minute cooldown.

reading: i did lots of article perusing while on-call (UTIs! cooling for birth asphyxia! food allergies and asthma!) but i didn’t read or prep teaching materials for the students last night because i am going to spend time today teaching them to write a good daily note. their attempts yesterday were humorous but just not-quite-right — and the truth is at this point it’s MY fault and not theirs because i really didn’t go over how to do it correctly yet!

online shopping updates: i ordered the exacompta planner in spring green (i’m hoping it’s a tiny bit brighter than the picture i showed on sunday’s post) from thedailyplanner.com, and my conditioner from drugstore.com (thank you cindy for the rec!). i ordered 2 bottles so i won’t be running out any time soon! i like having lots of packages en route to our mailbox — makes checking the mail even more fun than it already is.


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