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September 27, 2008

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i didn’t see all of the presidential debates last night (remember? no TV!), but i heard a good chunk on the radio as i drove back from a lovely dinner with my sister in raleigh. there were some issues that i felt both candidates were just a bit too vague about — ie, no one really know HOW we were going to compensate for the huge expenditure of the mortgage bailout, or perhaps no one wanted to admit what we were going to have to give up.

vagueness aside, i think obama did an admirable job. i am looking forward to casting my vote EARLY since i will be in the NICU in november and do not want to risk missing my chance to support my candidate in NC, a place where republicans have traditionally ruled but this year . . . maybe not.

not to get all partisan on everyone’s ass, but . . . GO OBAMA!!


plans for this lovely day off
♥ 10-mile run (maybe in the gym this time actually . . . i really want to catch up on some magazines!)
♥ trip to the nasher art museum to see this el greco to velasquez exhibit that josh wants to see. i am not going to pretend i know who those artists are, but i’m sure it will be enjoyable
♥ watching pineapple express which will hopefully be stupid yet awesome
♥ dinner at vespa in chapel hill, a cute italian place we have always wanted to try

hooray! i can’t wait until next month when weekend days like this will be the norm rather than the exception.

i can’t believe no one called me out on this! the top model pic i posted was from cycle 9. i didn’t realize it at the time, but that is definitely saleisha, the winner, standing second from the left on the top row. sorry about that, and thanks to the astute anonymous reader who noticed that the transsexual was not present in the photo!

vw update
aaaaaand there was nothing wrong with my car, except the scary indicator light going on for no reason. sadly it cost me $120 to find this out, but at least i have my baby back.

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    Haha poor Saleisha…

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