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September 3, 2008

so far, i am really enjoying my new role as senior on the wards! i have an excellent crew (an intern, a sub-I, and 2 very new but eager-to-please medical students) and it actually feels oddly natural to be leading a team, even though i’ve never done it before. i really like teaching and organizing and delegating. and unlike some of the seniors of the past that i did not enjoy working with last year, i am definitely NOT afraid to get down and dirty and help with annoying scut work as well, and i think (hope) the intern and sub-I appreciate that.

interestingly, being in charge of the team really motivates me to give off positive vibes as i feel like morale REALLY trickles down from the top. that said, right now we only have 3 patients, making our provider:patient ratio an awesomely ridiculous 5:3. it’s definitely easier to be all sunny-side-up when things aren’t terribly challenging. but i am feeling like this momentum will continue throughout the month as things are bound to get more hectic. after all, it may get busy but IT WILL NEVER BE THE PICU!



run: 6.7 mi interval run, 0.5% incline
– 2 miles warmup @ 9:06/mi
– 8 x 400m @ 7:30/mi with 0.1 mi recovery running between each
– 2 miles cooldown @ 9:06/mi
my hip feels a little twing-y this morning. i will take some ibuprofen and potentially go to elliptical or spinning for my workout tonight depending on how things feel later.

reading: i spent 45 minutes reading a peds in review article about special infant feeding concerns, which i am going to copy and have my med students read as well. i also made up a fake ‘case’ about a 10 day old presenting to the ER with fever & dehydration that i am going to go through with them. since we don’t have lots of patients (and we are not admitting today!) i can take time for some quality teaching. yesterday i did an interactive talk on rashes and they seemed to really have fun and appreciate it.

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    I think it is great that you are stepping up to the leadership role. I am sure your crew is going to learn a lot from you.

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