mile 24

September 24, 2008

while i actually have 2 call days left, this one feels like the last real one because after staying overnight on sunday, i’ll be jetting on out and handing my patients off to the next resident at 7 am. i’m not expecting a repeat of the miraculous ease of saturday’s call, but hopefully it won’t be NONSTOP ADMISSION ACTION! like some of my previous nights have been. what do you say, magic 8 ball?

ha. that’s part of the problem: never knowing what’s ahead until it’s over!

i have to say i am greatly looking forward to moving on to an elective soon — being responsible for managing a team of sick patients for the first time has been very intense and at the end of the day it often feels like i spent the past 10 hours barely breathing, always tense, and worried about missing something or not doing things right. while i greatly prefer having this responsibility to just being a peon for fellows to boss around (ahem, PICU!), it does get tiring. especially in combination with every-4th-night sleep deprivation.



run 6 miles outside, on the super-hilly loop. slow to recover from my fast(ish) intervals the day before. i am so excited the weather is nice enough now to permit running outside after work! as for the feedback on dark AM running:
jess: by early i mean around 5 am. although truthfully that would cut into my coffee-guzzling-and-blogging time. it is pitch black around then. on my next rotation, things move up an hour and i could do it at 6 — and i think i will try it then!
cindy: your opinion makes me feel better about my paranoia!
atilla: i think around my apartment would actually be safer than ‘on campus’ especially if you’re referring to duke! plus part of what i want is to be able to be able to leave directly from my apartment — so much more convenient than driving to a running destination. but finding a lighted area is a good thought.

reading: about 20 minutes on outcomes in viral encephalitis. better than nothing, i guess.

cooking: old standards: veggie burger, sweet potato ‘fries’, salad, and tons of ketchup (not shown!)

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  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    are you using a training plan?

    also, are you training for a 5k, or training for a half and will race a 5k? (if that makes sense)

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