mile 25

September 26, 2008

. . . the end is near!

some responses to comments

atilla: hey, in my VW’s defense, it had a 4 year warranty, and i got good use out of it! unfortunately that expired nearly 3 years ago.

anonymous: i’m not really ‘racing’ the 5K coming up — i haven’t been doing 5K type training at all, really. so the race will be more just for fun (and a good cause, of course). for my half in december, i am trying to follow the Furman Institute Training Plan for my half, although a shortened 12-week version and modified so that one of the cross-training days is actually an easy run day. so far, i’m not doing so well in sticking with the plan, but things will get easier for a bit once this week is over.

top model!
(can you find the pre-op transgendered candidate? i can’t.)

for several reasons (because we only have a crappy tv, because i would totally watch tons of trash if it were available to me and i’d rather not, because i don’t really miss it), we don’t have a working TV at home. however, there are 3 completely trashy shows that i absolutely love and like to follow religiously. they are:

1. top model
2. grey’s anatomy
3. desperate housewives.

the ABC shows are available for free on line (or at least they used to be and hopefully still will be!) so that problem is solved — the only annoyance is if the internet goes down, it’s a pretty choppy viewing experience. for top model, i just caved and bought a season pass on iTunes so that each episode will be automatically downloaded as it is available. i now have FOUR episodes waiting for me to catch up on — i am excited!


and now, it is time to go to work. i’ll try to be excited about that, too.


  • Reply Cindy March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    hmm, my guess is it’s someone who’s hands are hidden. can’t disguise man hands!i guess i’ll have to watch to find out.

  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    i don’t think the transgendered person is there.

    here’s a link to her pic

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