o.k. madness

September 21, 2008

first there was the bags, then stationary, and now — i can’t even get over the available bounty of orla kiely-designed products! unfotunately, most of it is beyond my current financial scope, but here is just a sampling of the awesomeness:

within my reach: bath towels

how could you walk on this??: rug

i luuuuv this: and i’m not even sure what it is

cute!: and cushy.

all are from http://heals.co.uk , a british furniture company. thank you vickie for giving me more orla to fantasize about.


so: i had my first easy call night of the month! it was the first time i actually got to use my call room to get some solid sleep (and i’m talking 4+ hours!), due to well-timed admissions and no major medical events between the hours of 1 am and 7 am. if only it could always be that way! it was a completely different experience rounding post-call WITHOUT the dazed, hung-over feeling that invariably follows each sleepless night.

this week i enter my last ward week with a new intern. the one who finished today was WONDERFUL and i will miss her — we were a great team. i can’t believe i’ve already hit the home stretch of a whirlwind 8 weeks — if nothing else, the time certainly flew by.


running: i’m making this week a true rest week (i don’t think i’ve had mileage this low and NOT been injured in a long time!) and will restart training on monday. i think the self-condoned laziness has been good for my soul, and i am excited to jump back in tomorrow.

reading: about to do some reading on meningococcemia, and then back to owen meany.

cooking: planning to hit the whole foods salad bar for dinner and also stock up while there — a multi-purpose trip.


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