September 12, 2008

i had yesterday off — and it went by so quickly! although to be fair, pretty much all of life seems to be whizzing by these days. i guess that’s what keeping busy will do — plus there is something about every-4th-night call that seems to create a time warp. and somehow, it’s already back to call again. but at least i got to enjoy a random thursday off yesterday. unlike august, our schedules really aren’t so terrible this month.

i admit it: i wasn’t fabulously productive yesterday — unless you consider watching 6 episodes of undeclared to be an essential activity. whatever — josh and i laughed a lot and it felt therapeutic. i absolutely LOVE judd apatow, seth rogen, and jason segel. i think part of the appeal is the fact that the show was filmed in 2001-2002 and i was still in college then, and undeclared is focused on the lives of 6 very humorous college freshmen. it is total candy-fluff tv, but it is GOOD candy-fluff and i am heartbroken that like apatow’s equally awesome freaks and geeks, there is only one season (and we’re almost through it already).

probably the highlight of my day off (other than finding out i have NO CAVITIES! at the dentist) was my sister coming over and bringing me loot from the ORLA KIELY store in london!! it was a total surprise as she had told me (liar!) that she hadn’t gotten to go inside since it was ‘closed’. she got me this awesomely-awesome mug:
and she filled it with fortnum & mason chocolates (i have memories of having afternoon tea there in 2002!)

is it bad that i now want all the rest of the mugs in orla’s collection? because now i do. at least it’s more attainable than, say, all of the handbags!



workout: 6 mile tempo run, treadmill @ 0.5% incline + 20 minutes stretching yoga
– 2 mi warmup @ 8:57/mi pace
– 3 mi @ 7:53/mi pace
– 1 mi cooldown @ 8:57/mi pace

reading: sadly, none. i filled up my time with undeclared instead. i do regret it a little — i could have thrown in 30-60 minutes of some useful article, but i just felt lazy on my day off. the problem with skipping reading on days off is that i then also want to skip it on post-call days, weekend days, and hard clinic days — and pretty soon there are only 3 remaining days in the month to get any studying done. i’ll definitely make sure to spend some time on sunday (i have to work, but just in the AM) catching up.

cooking: i made ziti with spinach, cherry tomatoes, and gorgonzola sauce from this month’s cooking light. while it wasn’t all that light the way i made it (it looked dry so i added a bit more cream than they called for), it was easy and tasted quite decadent. i love gorgonzola.


  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    Definitely going to try the ziti. Glad you had a nice relaxing day off@

  • Reply Rebecca March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    hey dude it wasn’t a lie… the store WAS closed! but then i went back the next day when it was open =).

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