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September 8, 2008

i had a quite a productive and relaxing sunday. i actually feel up to the challenge of call today! hopefully we will have a reasonable number of admissions — mondays are prime days for ICU and outside hospital transfers, so it could be busy. we will have brand new med students join our team today who have never been on the wards — exciting! i plan to MOLD them in my image (insert evil laugh here). no, seriously, i think it will be fun to teach them the basics of ward life and things like how to present properly and write a good daily note.

it’s definitely a time where my actions as teacher/team leader are likely to make an impact — while there are many senior residents from my past that i would barely recognize, i definitely have vivid memories of my FIRST ones. starting my very first rotation, i remember finding the intern and initially addressing him as “dr” (which is not the culture, but i didn’t know that!) and how he kind of laughed at that. i also remember how he always rushed around in his white pants and short coat (our institution’s lovely outfit for surgery interns) in a panic and mostly ignored me — i guess because it was only august, he was completely new, and i think he was scared for his own life.


here’s hoping for a good call day!

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sunday checklist

i am happy to say that i got everything done, except i couldn’t find my (essential, life-sustaining) hair conditioner anywhere (and i looked in FOUR stores)! i have maybe a 3-day supply, and i might die without it. i will try a few salons (and maybe trade secret in the mall but i guess if that fails i can order it online from folica.com, even though they are selling it for way more than it is worth. anyone have any other ideas?



run: a lovely 10 miles (outside, with my polar monitor saying average 9:24/mi pace) with one of the other peds residents. it wasn’t a fast run but it was very enjoyable and felt pretty easy the whole way (except for being VERY thirsty at the end). i think 10 miles is my favorite distance. i also did 20 minutes of my ‘yoga for flexibility’ dvd, which is basically guided stretching. amazingly, my hips are not in the least bit sore today! so i think that may have helped. OH — and i was surprised to see that despite feeling easy, my average heart rate for the run was 173! i am attributing this to the heat (it was mid-70s for most of the run). it will be fun to look at how the data trends as we head into cooler fall days.

reading: about an hour spent perusing this month’s peds in review, reading about acute renal failure and diagnostic options for reflux. i also found some articles that i will give to my new med students on cystic fibrosis (since we have 3 CF patients on our team right now, i figured they might as well learn the basics).

cooking: sadly, josh was not here to enjoy the mini impromptu dinner gathering that i hosted. my best running friend and i NEEDED to catch up, and we both needed to replenish our glycogen stores from our runs today (although she did seven more miles than i did!). i made mediterranean salmon salad from this month’s cooking light, using fresh coho salmon that was on sale at whole foods. the overall effect was very fresh and healthy-tasting! served with whole foods seeduction bread (MY FAVORITE) and a glass of pinot grigio, i think we all enjoyed this easy meal and had a good time catching up.

!!!: i didn’t even know a new season of top model had started, but my friend informed me that not only is it in full swing, there is a TRANSSEXUAL top model! awesomeness. i can’t wait to watch!

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    I love hearing about your doctor life. My job is booooorrrring.

    America’s Next Top Model is my guilty pleasure (well, one of many)

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