hypomania perhaps

October 14, 2008

i was productive, if not a little manic yesterday. i only got to sleep 5 hours last night, which was about 5 fewer than i needed, but i think it was worth it to get everything done. my applications for fellowship are ready to be sent, bills are paid, laundry is done, and i significantly shortened my out-of-control to-do list. i debated skipping my morning workout today but eventually figured that for me, 6 hours would be just as bad as 5 and i needed the faux-energy-rush that would come with a morning gym session. tonight it will be SUPEREARLY to bed for some catch-up sleep . . . assuming i don’t get called into the wards, PICU, or NICU (i’m on backup call all this week!).

i made some more updates to the blog’s sidebar — i was tired of dealing with the malfunctioning logyourrun application, so i’m just going to manually put in workout plans for the week. having it out there taunting me all week will hopefully motivate me to stick to my plans . . . we’ll see! i also added a list of links for the week’s recipes. in all honesty, my ambitious sunday plans aren’t always going to be followed 100%, but having to figure things out ahead of time helps keep me organized and at least increases the chance to some extent.

finally, i was accepted for the blogher ad network but am still debating whether i want to do it. i got sent a lot of scary legal stuff to sign, and i’m not sure i want to be worried about whether every link i post is properly copyrighted and accounted for (and risk being carted off to jail or something if not). i need to decide today . . . maybe i’ll mull it over during my AM run.



workout: 6 miles total, 0.5% incline on treadmill. felt pretty easy!
– 1 mile warmup @ 8:57/mi
– 5 x 1000m @ 7:48/mi with 2 minutes jogging in between each
– 1 mile cooldown @ 8:57/mi

reading: i spent about 1.5 hours studying psych and doing some practice psych questions for step 3. i have just 9 days left before the exam, so it’s time to get serious!

cooking: i made bacon-wrapped salmon with maple-soy glaze, mashed yukon gold potatoes, and roasted garlic-ginger broccoli, recipe courtesy of this month’s every day with rachael ray. the recipe is in the sidebar! it was elegant and delicious (duh, since bacon makes EVERYTHING better!)


  • Reply Rebecca March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    damn your dinner pic looks exactly like RR’s.

  • Reply Marcy March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    Oooohhh that plate looks delish!! Yum-o!

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