let’s pretend it’s monday

November 16, 2008

because today is basically the start of my last NICU week! i can almost taste vacation at this point, and i’m hoping that will make this cluster ‘o’ calls that much easier.

after my online shopping spree yesterday, i had a pretty enjoyable day. i met up with a friend i really needed to catch up with for a relaxing lunch at panera (hi s. if you are reading this!!) and bought out whole foods, as usual. they had some customer appreciation thing going on and i scored a box of FREE truffles!

my run, on the other hand, SUCKED. i don’t get it! usually when i take several days off, i come back light-footed and fresh, ready to run like the wind. since the weather was gross (hot and rainy with strong winds), i headed to the gym and it was as if the treadmill was calibrated much faster than normal. except i don’t think that it actually was! it didn’t help that my gym was steamy and crowded (oh how i miss the calm, quiet atmophere it USED to have!), but honestly i just felt untrained and like i was going to die after 6 miles. so i stopped.

i don’t really get it. looking back in my training records, i haven’t followed my plan 100%, but i’ve been pretty decent with keeping up (until last week when i decided i needed some down time). there is NO WAY i could lose all of that training and fitness after a 4-day hiatus from running . . . right? i’m going to chalk it up to fatigue and start over again on monday like this week never happened. after all, i’m supposed to run a half in a month! i’m not expecting any PRs here, but i’d like to at least have a nice race.

other random bits of excitement and things to look forward to:
♥ i think i am going to use a customized training plan to train for the new jersey marathon in may! my friend s. has used this company before and they design your whole program based on your past race times, lifestyle, injury history, and time goal. my tentative goal is going to be a 3:50 marathon (my PR is 3:53:something). and my schedule will be MUCH more training-friendly beginning in february compared to what it is like now!
♥ i booked my hotel room for charlotte and my sister and i will be living it up at the hilton. sadly, josh has to work (and we just realized this last night!!) but my sister and i will have some quality girl-time and i am excited! i am trying to convince her to do the 5K — she doesn’t want to race it, but many people do races just to enjoy the nice course and camaraderie, right? anyone who has done this, please comment to convince her!
♥ on friday night we are going to il palio ristorante with s. and her husband to celebrate her birthday and her new job (which is sadly taking them to california). i honestly don’t think i’ve been out to do anything fun and relaxing like that all month, so it will be something exciting to look forward to. josh and i stayed in the siena hotel (where the restaurant is housed) when we got married, and we haven’t back since!



run: a sad 6 miles. 3 @ 9:13/mi pace, 2 @ 8:27/mi pace, and 1 @ 8:41/mi pace before i got frustrated and just gave up. hopefully, this week will be a completely different running experience!

cooking: i finally made the parmesan and root vegetable lasagna that had planned for the last 2 weeks. it was delicious (especially with our leftover prosciutto snuck in between the layers) but tres labor intensive. i think i started at 5:30 and we ate at 7:45! at least we have leftovers, so it was quasi-worth it. i will definitely be eating some on call in the NICU tonight!

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    Your run have felt crappy, but you still posted some really good times. The customized training plan sounds really cool.

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