NICU no more

November 24, 2008

i marched out of the NICU with a big smile plastered across my face this morning at 6:30 AM. i really feel like despite mucho fatigue, i had a good month. i’m also SO excited to be capping it all off with a week of vacation! it’s going to be a regular sleep-fest around here. plus, i have a decent amount of fun stuff planned:

today: just recovery! after i finish this post, i am headed the couch for a session with top model before heading to the gym for an easy workout.

tuesday: plan out thanksgiving! i am cooking at home, so it is going to be quite the adventure. i will put together my menu and plan on heading to whole foods before the rest of chapel hill buys out the store. i’m hoping i didn’t have to pre-order a turkey or anything crazy like that? i’ll also be having some much-missed resident friends over for fajitas and other mexican fare. this will also be a day of pre-party apartment spiffing-up.

wednesday: time for pre-cooking of anything necessary for thursday! and a lot of relaxation. i’m even contemplating a massage.

thursday: morning long run and then more thanksgiving prep! then comes the potentially sketchy feat of fitting 8 people into our tiny apartment for dinner. should be interesting . . .

friday: drive to philadelphia with my sister for some family togetherness, except very sadly without josh. i think we’re having ‘thanksgiving part deux’ with my aunt, uncle and cousins. MMM, PIE LEFTOVERS.

saturday: some fun in philadelphia (i may try to get my marathoning aunt to run with me!) and in the evening, my 10-year high school reunion. it is a little lame that i have to go without josh but i guess i can show pictures. i am excited to see what the rest of my fellow Haverford Fords have been up to . . . although thanks to facebook i am sure it is less suspenseful than it once was.

sunday: more philadelphia time, with dinner out at distrito in downtown philadelphia with my parents and sister. josh i am so sorry you will have to miss this!!

monday: time to hit the road back to NC, because i will be at work bright and early on tuesday morning (i’m starting an elective, but i’ve already been ‘pulled’ to cover the community hospital level 2 NICU that day . . . it’s like i can’t escape the babies!).

i am excited. it really sucks that josh and i could not match up for this vacation, but i still plan on making the best of it. i will definitely be documenting all of this goodness with pictures and posts to provide some contrast from the bland call months. even residents get to have fun once in a while!

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