November 29, 2008

today was the first day of vacation that i woke up after a reasonable number (ie, less than 10) of hours of sleep feeling rested. i may actually be paying back some of my sleep debt!

so my sister and i got a little lost on the road from chapel hill to philadelphia, which is pretty sad. it shouldn’t have been hard — basically, it’s just 85N and then 95N all the way home! but i got confused and took 495 west at one point about a half an hour north of DC, thinking that i was smartly veering around baltimore. unfortunately, this was actually just the northern end of 495 that encircles DC, and we ended up back there!


so how appropriate that upon arrival at our house, we were greeted with the fabulous early hanukkah presents of:

garmin GPS systems for each of our cars!!

so useful. so appropriate. i am so used to being lost all the time that i feel like the garmin is going to change my life, at least a little. yay!

now i am headed out for a run (and i’ve even convinced my sister to accompany me for part of it). my polar footpod is freshly calibrated and ready for some new terrain . . . i have no idea when i became such a gadget nerd, but apparently it happened.

plans for the day:
• 7 mile run (with 4 miles tempo — i have my route all planned out)
• brunch with my aunt/uncle/cousins
• some serious lounging around time
• 10 year HS reunion . . . which i am a little unexcited about because i will be going alone. it will be interesting if nothing else though i am sure . . .


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