bend and break

December 18, 2008

wow. i think i’m finally recovered from the stress-hormone fest that pretty much defined the past 2 days! suddenly taking over an unknown team, enduring a busy night of late admissions (i think we took 6 kids between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am!) and then having to present my case in the morning was quite a whirlwind. i am ready for a sedate (and hopefully short) day of allergy clinic today!

maybe it’s silly, but i was sad that my unexpected call threw both my running and cooking plans out the window. i realize that i will survive, though. i can always move my run to saturday after my DRH shift, and luckily i hadn’t even bought the ingredients for one of the planned culinary adventures (i wanted my first attempt at skirt steak to be FRESH!). so maybe it’s a lesson in flexibility — learning to go with the flow is definitely a skill i could stand to improve.

one sad part about my jeopardy pull is that i basically went from monday to last night without seeing josh! he wins the husband-of-the-week award this week, though, for:

♥ listening to me complain about call even though he is on call multiple times this month
♥ bringing home carrburritos last night
♥ cleaning up the kitchen this morning before i even got up (!!!)

yes, he is the best.

happy thursday, everyone! may your pagers not go off and ruin all your fun.


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