distrito = divine

December 1, 2008

i have a new favorite philadelphia restaurant! my family had such an amazing dinner at distrito in west philadelphia near penn (and coincidentally, 1/2 a block from my father’s office — convenient parking!). i am lucky to come from a family of foodies and i know they all appreciated the experience as much as i did. in pictures . . .

we dined in a VW beetle table that my father had specifically requested. it was fun and actually provided for a nice intimate dining experience.

we started with the el jefe margaritas: don julio reposado tequila, cointreau, and lime. they were also served with some complementary spiced nuts which were a great salty contrast.

the four of us decided to go for the chef’s tasting menu, because . . . why not? there was so much food that my parents went home with multiple containers to serve as dinner for the next evening, but i think it was worth it to get to try so many different things. some highlights:

chilango chop salad: baby arugula, watercress, cherry tomato, spiced pecans, and chipotle buttermilk dressing

poblano mole with duck breast

carne asada: new york strip steak, adobo, fried tomatillo, and creamy poblano corn rice.

los callos: diver scallops, pileapple, grapefruit, habanero reduction

tacos filete de atun: tuna, papaya, carrot, chayote, wasabi aioli, and peanut

i don’t even have a picture of what was probably my favorite — queso fundido, with duck barbacoa, poblano chile rajas, and quatro quesos.

point of pride: margarita pitcher empty! mission accomplished!

it was tons of fun and we capped off the night with defending your life downloaded straight from netflix. it really amazes me that we live in an age where you can get a movie sent instantly to your home screen on a whim. i fell asleep, but it was still fun.

my sister and i are about to pack up and head back to NC. i am sad that josh didn’t get to accompany me on this short/sweet trip home, but i am already scheming to try to figure out when i can get him back here to revisit distrito!

i feel like this trip was the perfect length, because i am actually ready to get back into my home routine. tomorrow i’ll be working at our community hospital NICU just for the day, and finally on wednesday i’ll get to start the nice elective that i’m supposed to spend the rest of the month on!


run: 5 miles outside in the cold rain, which made me feel like a total badass

cooking: none yet, but i am really excited to start my cook-through with everyday food. more on that later . . .


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