happiness and cheer

December 22, 2008

good morning! i had promised a report on yesterday’s attempt at mindfulness and calm on a stressful rotation, so here it is: SUCCESS!. it wasn’t the world’s most hectic day, but there was enough going on to create a bit of a challenge, and i feel like i really handled things well.

i focused on one thing at a time, didn’t rush, asked for help when i needed it, and consciously reminded myself not to get all riled up when the instinct hit on a few occasions. the result was a really pleasant day and i left feeling like i had done a good job. coincidentally, i had a very easy time with procedures, getting nicely flowing blood from 2 radial arteries (2 different babies) with minimal effort (one quick stick each). during the first procedure, “christmastime is here” from a charlie brown christmas was playing on the nurse’s radio. i love that song! i had never felt so relaxed while poking a baby with a needle in my life.

i guess that’s a good thing.

i think i might actually post again later because i have something else i want to do blog-wise before the year is over! off to the hospital where i am on short call today — i hope i can have as good a time as yesterday.


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