December 16, 2008

from yesterday’s comments.

cara asked, “What are you going to run??? You should come and run a race in Chicago!”

so my planned race is the full marathon in long branch, new jersey on 5.3.2009. the nice part is that i can just fly to philadelphia and stay with my parents for the weekend, and drive up to to the race (not sure whether this will be the night before vs. the morning of!). someday i would definitely consider chicago although races that are that big scare me a little!

k said, “i think if you stick to weight training and yoga in addition to running, you’ll be good to go.

i think what can be difficult is when you’re pressed for time, and then decide to forgo the crosstraining in favor of a run. it sounds like that really shouldn’t be a problem though with your schedule.

are you going for a BQ?”

so k, who are you, wise one? it’s almost like you know my ways (ie, how i always prioritize the cardio, just because i LIKE it more!). i agree that i totally need to stick to the other things and it will help prevent injury. amazingly it is true that after week #1 (which is a PICU week), i have absolutely no call and very few weekends from february all the way through may. amazing!

as for the BQ, i would LOVE to do it someday. (BQ = qualify for the boston marathon). but unless i notice lots of improvement during the training program, i don’t think i am ready yet. my PR is 13 minutes too slow, which isn’t a huge gap from the magical 3:40:59, but in general i don’t tend to make huge improvements with each marathon i run. running my faux half at 8:08 pace would project (according to the mcmillan running calculator an 8:35 pace for a marathon, which is still 4 minutes too slow to BQ.

so — we’ll see how things go with my ‘prediction’ races, but right now i am thinking i would just like to go sub-3:50. and not get injured. and someday, i will BQ. even if i have to wait to get old so the time limit increases!

RunToFinish said: “awesome review on the training plans.. I’m horrible about picking one, but i know I need to because I really want to BQ. So I’ll check these out…do you actually go to a track for your speedwork?”

oh, there is so much MORE i could say about training plans! i will try to do more of a general overview in a later post (because right now i’ve got 9 more minutes before i have to wrap this up and head out to the gym!). but as for the speedwork, i do most of it on the treadmill! i am a wimp and i tend to do most of my weekday runs inside rather than running in the dark. my long run is always outside, though, and for this cycle i’d like to get outside for more tempo runs. i don’t know that i would really need a track because i can use my polar footpod to fairly accurately (accurate enough for my purposes) gauge distances/speed.

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obvi i am on a running kick right now! but work has been fun as well. yesterday i had my favorite: endocrinology clinic! it was mostly growth issues but with a few more interesting variations (some chromosomal stuff thrown in there). the afternoon was yet another easy allergy day and i was home early yet again. i’m so sad there are only 4 days left of the rotation!


workout: 45 minutes elliptical + 20 minutes weights
– pushups, 2 x 10
– plie squats, 12 lb weight, 2 x 12
– seated row, 40 lb, 2 x 12
– tricep kickbacks, 5 lb, 2 x 12
– lat pull-down, 55 lb, 2 x 12
– lunges with 8 lb weights, 2 x 10 doubles

reading: chapter on drug allergy. and more murakami.


  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    Ok. I am thinking of a spring marathon too. There is one near my parents in RI, so I am thinking about that. Anyway, we should try and meet up for some runs.

  • Reply k March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    perhaps because i have made the same mistakes too which has led to (a current) hip bursitis/itbs. and i’m not even running that much.

    currently, i’m working on flexibility and strength in my hip/quad.

    being injured stinks as you know!

  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    I’m interested in hearing more of your opinions on training plans. I didn’t really use one, but just reviewed various plans for scheduling long runs and for tapering. I want to work in some speedwork next time (if I must…)

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