December 6, 2008

it’s amazing to me that in this day and age of instant online communication across continents, technology to fit thousands of songs into a tiny pod, and even fairly effective treatment for breast cancer and HIV that

no one has figured out how to beat the common cold!!!

sure, rhinoviruses and their friends do not typically kill their victims, but my GOD they are unpleasant. the mucus. the chills. the giant, tender lymph nodes. the fevers. and then the mucus again. ugh!

(above: stuffed animal version of rhinovirus from see, you really can find ANYTHING online!)

unfortunately, catching these nasty bugs is one of the hazards of my profession. i am waiting for my immune system to catch up with the current array of the various viruses currently running rampant through today’s day cares and elementary schools, but so far i’m not there yet. i think i average about a cold every 3-4 months. including right now (obvi).

i think i may be over the worst of it, though. i am trying to rev up the energy to just go about my business and enjoy the weekend, because josh is off too and we have fun things planned, including a birthday celebration dinner at il palio (belated celebration for a friend, PLUS josh turns 34 on monday!). i have been looking forward to this forever, and i am determined not to let a stupid virus get in my way. plus, i really want to run! my half marathon is in a week (woah!) and i was just starting to feel like my body was recovering from the NICU lifestyle.

PS: look! seriously, i love they even have GONORRHEA!



workout: um, do chills count?

cooking: nah

reading: nope.

hopefully my mojo will return when the virus leaves!


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