December 28, 2008

i’m on vacation, and it feels . . . strange. josh is still working, and for the new few days i don’t have much planned other than an all-important hair appointment on december 30th. mostly i think i’ll just hide out and finish the wind-up bird chronicle. i might do a little shopping, or some baking. i really doubt that i’ll get bored, so i am content to just wait and see if any other exciting opportunities present themselves. i’m in a peaceful, relaxed kind of mood, so i think it will be nice 6 day break.

i am about to head out on my long(ish) run. i really am craving some sun, but it looks gray outside. i can’t complain too much, because it’s also 61 degrees and therefore i am going to complete this december run in shorts.

daylight, i miss you!

although i guess i should be thankful i’m not in new england



workout: 4 miles outside (actually probably more like 4.2). i did this in our neighborhood after it got dark, which was probably pretty stupid. josh, i promise i won’t do it again.

reading: a peds in review article on the management of diabetic ketoacidosis. i had quite a long quiet stretch yesterday afternoon at the community hospital. i managed to get through this AND about 100 pages of my murakami.

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