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January 15, 2009

it’s back on the roller coaster this morning for another 30 hours of call. the best part about this particular call day is that once i’m finished on friday morning, i don’t have to go back to the PICU until monday! that’s right — i get this entire weekend off. i’ll try not to spend too much time fantasizing about what it is going to be like to sleep in for two (count ’em! TWO!) days in a row, but . . . admittedly, it is a nice to have a light like that at the end of the call tunnel. so, while i will continue to aim my focus on the present, i am okay with indulging my imagination with a list of things i am looking forward to this weekend.

weekend fun
☆ friday post-call dinner in hillsborough with kath
☆ 9+ hours of sleep a night, x 2!
☆ saturday dinner date at bonne soiree
☆ shopping with josh on sunday (hey, he asked to go!)
☆ seeing slumdog millionaire on sunday afternoon
☆ 10 mile hilly run this weekend in CH
☆ did i mention: 9+ hours of sleep a night, x 2????

mmmmm. it all sounds so amazing. but first, call #4 (out of 6!) awaits. hopefully, it will be a good one!



workout: 7 miles, 0.5% incline +
– 2 miles @ (optimistic) marathon pace (8:41/mi)
– 3 miles @ tempo (8:20/mi)
– 2 miles @ marathon pace (8:41/mi)
this program has tempo runs set at a slower pace that i’m used to, but sandwiches these miles with marathon paced ones. i like it.

20 minutes weights: pushups, plie squat to tricep press, bicep curls, squats with ball, seated rows, and abs

doin’ time: YUM. i loved this butternut squash pasta dish — the rosemary gave it a great wintry flavor, and i loved how the baguette topping turned into croutons in the oven! recipe is here. i accompanied it with the simple roasted plum tomatoes, which provided a nice contrast.

reading: 15 minutes on an article on infant growth in the latest pediatrics — i needed a break from all the critical care related stuff!

floss report: of course.


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