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January 23, 2009

whew. my mojo is back. fueled by a great run, a delicious indian dinner a la martha (and josh), and the fact that today is my LAST PICU call, and actually my last 30 hour shift of any kind until july, unless i get pulled for backup again. i don’t know what was wrong with me on wednesday or why i was so down on myself, because honestly other than the mini-downward spiral early this week, i’ve done a commendable job with keeping up with things this month. let’s review:

running: despite a schedule with every-4th-night call shifts lasting 30 hours, i managed to get in an average of 5 workouts/week (5 in week one, 6 in week two, and i will end up with 4 in week 3). i’ve done weekly long runs of 10+ miles each week, and even managed to eek out 2 weights sessions and little yoga every 7 days as well. i’m really looking forward to completing the rest of my marathon training without the demands of an 80 hour work week! even as the runs get longer, i think things will definitely be easier to fit in from here on out.

reading: here, in all if its nerdy multicolored glory, is the record of the reading i did this month (by the way, the colors have no secret meaning — just whichever gel pen was most handy at the moment of recording). my goal was 15 minutes/night (when not on call), and with the exception of one much-needed break, i accomplished this plus a bit more. i definitely plan to keep this up, and on easier rotations i think i’ll up the ante and increase my goal to 20 minutes+. i’ve never been able to stick to reading like this during hard call months, so i’m pretty proud that i made it this time!

doin’ time: okay, so there wasn’t a five-star martha-inspired meal on the table EVERY night this month. but i’m making some serious progress in the winter section of her book! so far this month’s main dish recipes have included:

– spaghetti carbonara (by josh)
– cod with fennel & potatoes
– garlic-roasted chicken
– lemon-parsley pork chops
– shells with winter squash
– enchiladas with pumpkin sauce
– tandoori chicken (also by josh! he deserves some serious credit.)

not bad for such a rough month. i have greatly enjoyed bringing delicious leftovers with me to eat on call.

we also had some great dinners (bonne soiree and mint most recently!) and watched some good movies like the other boelyn girl. i don’t think i let the PICU suck all the life out of me. although god knows it tried.



workout: 7 miles with intervals, 0.5% incline
– 1 mile warmup @ 8:57/mi
– 4 x 1 mi @ 7:47/mi with 0.2 mi walking/jogging between each
– 1.2 miles cooldown @ 8:57/mi to total 7 mi

20 min weights:
– pushups, 2 x 10
– ball squats on wall, 10 lbs, 2 x 12
– plie squats to tricep dips, 10 lbs, 2 x 12
– bicep curls, 12 lb weights, 2 x 12
– lat pulldowns, 55 lbs, 2 x 10
– abs: ball tucks, 2 x 12

doin’ time: josh is on vacation this week and he was the chef of the night yesterday, making this delicious indian-inspired martha delicacy while i ran. the recipe was for tandoori chicken accompanied by roasted cauliflower, served with eggplant relish (shown in the glass dish) and whole wheat naan. recipes are in the sidebar!

reading: 20 minutes on acute respiratory distress syndrome

flossing: YEAH!


  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    Cooking Light has a great tandoori chicken recipe as well. Did Josh make the naan? If so, I’m quite impressed.

  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    What happened to Friday’s post?! Or has the streak finally been broken? Or is THIS in fact Friday’ post?
    L, da

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