January 21, 2009

sorry about the copout last night. i couldn’t just leave a HOLE in my daily blogging streak (which has been unrelenting since june 29, 2008, by the way), but i truly could not muster the energy to write anything. i think that half of it was post-call fatigue, and the other half caffeine withdrawal. i also MISSED MY RUN yesterday thanks to “snow” (and yes, those are dubious, sarcastic quotation marks there) shutting down my gym and basically the entire metro area (well, other than the hospital, of course). not having the artificial energy/endorphin combo brought on by a post-call run was brutal. people always wonder how i run post-call, but really don’t understand how people survive NOT running!

here are some pictures of the “snow” in NC that overshadowed the inaugeration — which regrettably, i slept through post-call. i am looking forward to listening to the speech this weekend, though! i think it would make for great long-run inspiration. anyway, see for yourself . . .

total accumulation: 2-3″


try telling this kid that 2″ isn’t enough to sled on . . .

so silly. even as a kid in philadelphia (not exactly a blizzard capital), i would have LAUGHED at this snow. and yet it was all anyone talked about yesterday ant it essentially shut down the town (although i didn’t get any relief from it!).

anyway, i only have 4 days of this insane lifestyle left and i’m very thankful for that because i think i’m starting to break a little. the amount of sleeping that i did while standing up on rounds yesterday was ridic. i actually apologized (sort of) to the attending afterwards for my variable states of consciousness, informing her that after staying up all night, i am simply physically incapable of focusing or staying awake for prolonged periods the next morning. the truth is that there just isn’t anything that is going to alter that part of my physiology. i just was not cut out for the ICU. and that’s fine with me.

because i’m almost out of there!



workout: none because the gym was closed and it was cold, dark, and icy by the time i woke up from my post-call nap. i have plans to make up the run later in the week, though.

reading: 15 minutes on brain death, because that’s how i felt. heh.

flossing: barely, but yes.

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