they grow up so fast

January 2, 2009

my nephew, demonstrating his talents

even though our trip to miami was wayyyyyy too short, i’m so glad we went. it was great to catch up with everyone, plus we were in need of some serious bonding with our niece (2 years old) and nephew (1 year old) — it already seems like they are growing up at warp speed.

apparently, when you are immersed in the residency lifestyle, focusing so hard on work and getting through each call night, each week, each rotation — time actually goes by for the rest of the world and STUFF HAPPENS. once-tiny infants grow and start to walk and talk, and you just sort of miss it all and catch up when you can. this is one reason i am glad we are not yet going that route (ie, having our own beautiful babes). i realize there may never be a ‘good’ time, but i think that for us, now would honestly be a bad one. my heart goes out to residents who have to split themselves in two between an intense job and a baby. some people are amazing at doing this (michelle, for example). but i know that i would not be. i’m 28 right now. hopefully my eggs will stay fresh for a few more years!

(anyway, digression! and such an unplanned, personal one. but i guess i’ll leave it in there!)

it’s almost surreal, but josh and i are officially halfway done with each of our respective residencies! i’m 1.5 years into a total of 3, and he is 2.5 into 5. i would take time to reflect about what went well and what could be better, but i think i’ve had my fill of reflection on the dawn of this new year.

on that note, i am going to enjoy my last few hours of freedom. tomorrow is PICU time, kids. if there ever was a time that all of my resolutions were going to be put to the ultimate test, this is it. here’s to a month full of flossing, mindfulness, and vent management. hopefully it will be better than last time.



workout: 10 miles in miami beach! no matt damon sightings, but i did complete the miles at a reasonable pace (9:16) in sunny 75 degree weather. i had salt crystals all over my face by the time i was finished!

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    Happy New Year girl! Have a fantastic weekend!

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