January 16, 2009

YEAH! it’s the weekend, baby! my golden weekend, to be precise. i got a record 90 minutes to nap on call, and i am effing EXHAUSTED and so excited to have 2 whole days to sleep in and work on the accumulated sleep debt.

about to head out to tupelo’s in hillsborough to meet up with kath and a few of her adoring fans. i am jealous of her ability to create an instant posse in pretty much every city she travels to! i guess that’s what happens when you have tens of thousands of daily readers rather than, say, 1% of that.

does anyone else like to look at menus to scope out dinner options before they leave? as dorky as it is, i think it adds to the dining-out experience — it gives me something concrete to look forward to, and helps me spend less time hemming and hawing while at the restaurant. i’m currently torn between the following choices:

mason-dixon salad (apples, gorgonzola, pecans over ‘crisp greens’ with honey vinaigrette and grilled chicken or salmon) & black bean soup

bayou voodoo shrimp (large shrimp in a spicy beer reduction sauce over grilled tomatoes)

seafood gumbo

we’ll see where the spirit moves me, i guess. the only thing i do know is that i want something warm, because it is 24 #(*(#& degrees, and that i need a glass of wine. to celebrate my freedom. hooray!