February 7, 2009

hey, it’s post number 777 for me today! maybe i’ll get some luck in the 5K i’m running this AM. while i’m not feeling supercharged and ready, my iPod definitely is!

5K playlist
“paper planes” — mia
“stronger” — kanye west
“fergalicious” — fergie
“just dance” — lady gaga
“single ladies (put a ring on it)” — beyonce
“play your part” — girl talk
“disturbia” — rihanna
“girl you have no faith in medicine” — white stripes

i’m hoping i won’t get through this whole playlist during the 5K (it looks longer than 23-24 minutes!) but that’s okay.

race report to follow! this race is going to be different because josh is running it, too. he is unsure of his current abilities, but i think he’ll probably kick butt (mine, at least).


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