pretty pears

February 15, 2009

mmmmmm i love weekends! i feel like a new woman with a clean house, full tank of sleep, and a whole second day to do what i want with.

yesterday was lovely — after some long-overdue housework and a slightly mediocre run (can’t have everything, i suppose), my sister and i headed out to see he’s just not that into you which i thought was very cute. i even cried at one part (happy tears!), because i’m totally a cheeseball like that. it was a good choice for v-day.

apparently, everyone in raleigh, durham, and chapel hill felt the same way. i know we’re supposed to be in economic downturn, but OH MY GOD, was the mall crowded! it took me 10 minutes just to find a parking spot. although interestingly, despite the crowds, the check-out line at j. crew was completely empty (don’t worry, josh, i was returning and not buying!). so i guess maybe everyone is still hanging out at the mall, but just not spending the way they used to? hmmm.

anyway. we followed up our mall cinema outing with a trip to target, because i wanted to check out the orla kiely merch before it disappears! i picked up some extremely adorable pear plates and mugs:
and yes, i do have a matching notebook that i haven’t opened yet. orla overload!

i’m off to run in the sun. it’s only 38 degrees now, but i’m guessing that it will warm up fast.



run: 5.5 miles. 2 @ 8:41/mi, 3.5 @ 8:19/mi on the ‘mill at 0.5% incline. this actually FELT great, but ended abruptly when i got an astronomical cramp in my side that would not go away. ouch!

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  • Reply Matthew March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    Though I did not cry at that movie, I think I came close at a part in Jennifer Aniston’s storyline… oh, and also in Jennifer Connely’s.

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