pushups & purses (or lack thereof)

February 21, 2009

moonlighting update
well, there will be no beautiful new orla kiely bag in my life, because i didn’t get a shift! my ambivalence about giving up an entire weekend to the 30-hour gods prevented me from getting to the office early enough to sign up, and when i ambled in, the slots were all taken by more eager residents. don’t worry — the powers that be will send me to the NICU to get enough procedures to finish residency somehow. i just won’t make 8 jillion dollars doing it.

by the way, for those of who you had dollar signs going off in their heads at the idea that we are able to get paid like this all the time, i am going to have to let you down gently. opportunities like this one are RARE, and these slots popped up only because we are temporarily short nurse practitioners who usually fill these slots. the funny thing is that this shift is the exact same shift that i worked a grand total of 8 times during the month of november (same exact responsibilities, time frame, supervision, patient load, etc), and yet my paycheck for that entire month wasn’t much more than what i would have made moonlighting just one time. hmmph.

and yet i still wasn’t that excited about giving up a free weekend with its sleep and relaxation potential. what does that say about my priorities?

more pushup action!
reader carly pointed out yesterday that i should not be calling regular, plank-style pushups ‘man pushups.’ and she’s right: it’s sexist, and i’ll stop. while it’s true that women are at an overall disadvantage (20% less muscle mass, according to this ny times article on pushups), there is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to do them, too.

jennyN mentioned the popular hundred pushups training program. i was tempted for a second, but i think that with marathon training still on my plate, i’ll leave this for a later endeavor. it definitely looks intriguing, though!

plans for the day
☑ hill run + weights
☑ apartment cleanup / laundry
☑ work on figuring out QI project details
☑ dinner out vs. cooking in — josh’s choice
☑ find hotel for napa valley trip!
☑ general chillaxation

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