February 6, 2009

2 year olds are crazy
i have definitely been enjoying my AM workouts this week, but it does cut into blogging time. sorry. i haven’t had many exciting things to talk about, anyway. yesterday’s behavioral clinic was fun, mostly because i do love working with that particular attending. to the point where i want to adopt him as a family member or something, because he is just that smart and interesting and nice. do i have a nonsexual crush on a gray-haired grandfatherly pediatrician? maybe.

behavioral peds is HARD! not hard in a nerdy, scientific way, but just HARD in a there are no easy answers way. when parents come in because their 3 year old is violent and crazy and they are worried he is going to be a future serial killer, it’s hard to know what to tell them. hard for me, at least. in my clinic i do a lot of reassuring — i have yet to see a 2 or 3 year old whose parents do NOT endorse tantrums, crazy mood swings, and a great deal of opposition to authority, so i am starting to learn what is normal and talk about that. sometimes, i think that’s all the parents want from the visit, anyway.

today: autism clinic and another abbreviated day! i do have some work-related errands to run and a big fat chart to go through for another upcoming presentation, but it should be a nice way to end the week. happy friday!

5K tomorrow!
i’m running a 5K race tomorrow, just for fun. i did no tapering whatsoever, so i’m not expecting any PRs, but i’m hoping for just a bit of improvement from my last 5K and a fun saturday AM challenge. i guess if i had to pick a time goal, it would be under 24 minutes (i’ve run 23:20something in the past, but my last 5K i didn’t break 24). SOMEDAY far into the future, i’d like to get under 23. but not now.

fortunately, tomorrow’s high is 65. but unfortunately, tonight’s LOW is 18. and the race is in the morning. ouch!



workout: 7 miles intervals, 0.5% incline
– 1 mile warmup @ 8:57/mi
– 4 x 800m @ 7:30/mi pace with 3 minutes jogging in between each
– 4 x 400m @ 7:19/mi pace with 1-2 minutes jogging in between each
– 1.25 mi cooldown to reach 7 mi @ 8:57/mi
these intervals felt nice and easy and smooth. surprising since i did tempo the day before!

doin’ time: so i wasn’t super excited to use pre-made puff pastry, because it’s not really very healthy and it seemed like cheating, but who am i to interfere with Ms. Martha’s commands? plus, it’s not like we eat the stuff on a regular basis. so: i sucked it up and bought pepperidge farm puff pastry dough from the freezer section, and made the delicious spinach/mushroom/goat cheese tart, pictured below. served with a ramikin of roasted butternut squash (MMM!). recipes in the sidebar! it tasted rich and decadent, and it was GOOD.

reading: 30 minutes reading 3 more chapters of developmental and behavioral peds


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