race to the finish

February 3, 2009

uberquick post this morning, because i’m already running late!

the good news is that i’m about 75% done with my presentation!

the bad news is that it’s for tomorrow morning. so i’ll still need to finish it tonight.

actually, for me this is progress. despite being someone who really likes to be efficient and get things done, i am terrible when it comes to procrastinating on writing papers and presentations. it is definitely something i need to work on especially since i’ll be re-entering the research world (at least temporarily!) in a couple of years and there is nothing fun about always having to rush to the finish line.

for this presentation, i at least did a decent job researching and reading in advance. it’s always the ‘get it down into powerpoint’ part that i hate and procrastinate on, though! i think it’s all about perfectionism — wanting to do such a great job that i get intimidated and therefore don’t even want to start. i’m learning to get over it, though.

the rest of today will be filled with grand rounds, special infant care clinic (specialized followup for former preemies, focusing on developmental progress and needs), and then child psych in the afternoon. i’m going to have to get my workout in after work, so here’s hoping that the afternoon doesn’t stretch tooooooo long . . .



workout: 40 minutes elliptical. i switched things around between monday and thursday because my legs were really feelin’ it from my hardcore weekend and they needed a break from pounding.

reading: okay, i confess — i had a long meeting after work and when i finally got home, the only thing i was capable of was couch time. i think i made up for it this morning, however.

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